Tips for Helping Water Flow Away From the Home Through a Downspout

A home is a significant investment that needs to be protected from the forces of nature. Of all the things that can damage a home, water is the most destructive. In the video, you will learn how to keep water from damaging your foundation and adequately drain water away from home.
Downspouts are the long vertical pieces of the gutter system that allows the water to travel to the ground from the roof of the structure. If the downspout is not extended far from home, the water will collect around the foundation and cause problems.

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The downspout should extend four feet or more from the home to allow the water to flow freely away from home. You will also want to ensure the grade is downhill, so the water does not collect back into the home.
There are a lot of different gutter pieces that can be used to help divert the water away from home. Just ensure the pieces are not snagging debris and creating a clog in the system. Consider installing an underground system if the grade is flat. In that case, a dry well might be the better option.

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