The Homeowners Guide to Brush Removal

According to Survival Dispatch, there are a lot of tools needed for brush removal, and one of them is a first aid kit. If the area is remote, having a personal alarm can also be helpful in case there is an emergency. Having a thin-bladed machete is an important tool to use for clearing brush.

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It can cut through a lot of bushes, weeds, and even small trees. Make sure your machete is sharp before you begin.

Having a chainsaw for larger items is also recommended. Remember to have ear protection while using one. Brush removal will go a lot faster if you have the proper tools, and a chainsaw is needed for thick branches and downed trees. Keep the brake on the chainsaw when you aren’t actively using it to cut. Having an extra chain for it will help when the chain that’s on it gets dulled by all the cutting.

Don’t let yourself get too tired while engaging in clearing brush. When you get too tired, you can be more likely to make mistakes that can be dangerous. Take rest breaks anytime they are needed so that you don’t get overtired. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the process to avoid dehydration.

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