How to Be Safe During Tree Removal

Many homeowners find they have trees that are inconvenient or even dangerous, like large dead trees. It’s best to get the job done as soon as you can, but there are a few things you should know before you get started. Just like any task, it’s best to be armed with knowledge when it comes to tree removal.

If you’re cutting a tree down yourself, it’s important to first know the physics of tree removal. If you want your tree to fall in a particular spot, it’s vital to know where to cut it in order to have it fall in your desired location.

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Doing the job wrong could mean a damaged car, house, or even personal injury.

Once you have your chainsaw ready and are preparing to cut the tree, make sure you have all the personal protective equipment necessary. A hard hat, safety goggles, and thick gloves go a long way in keeping you safe from splinters and falling tree limbs. It’s not worth the money or time saved in not investing in this equipment. Nothing is worth your personal safety.

Finally, make sure to talk to experts in your area who can assess your tree. While it’s good to do research and watch tutorials online, nothing can beat having someone knowledgeable have a look at your tree. Every tree is different and thus must be approached in a way that accounts for the variables presented.


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