5 Services a Landscaping Company Can Provide

Your home’s landscape says much about you as a homeowner. If it’s not well-kept and maintained, most passersby will assume the rest of the home is in a similar condition. That said, achieving a beautiful landscape is no easy feat. You’ll need some help. Here are five services a landscaping company can provide.

1. Aeration

Your lawn is one of the most versatile features of your landscape. Besides the aesthetic value it adds, you can also use it as a makeshift patio, pathway, or play area for your kids. The drawback is that this foot activity will compact your lawn over time. Compacted soil restricts the flow of water and fertilizer down to the roots, resulting in a thin, poorly draining lawn.

In other cases, like with particularly dense clay soils, compaction is a natural occurrence. However, even loamy soil will get compact if you walk on it regularly. Lawn aeration will help the soil become more permeable so water and nutrients can reach the grass’s roots.

There are two main types of aeration. Core aeration is the most popular method of aerating lawns. It’s also known as core plugging.

A lawn care company will use an aerating machine to remove soil plugs from the lawn and leave them on the surface. Flag your sprinkler heads before having professionals run this machine over your lawn to prevent damage during the job. Core aeration breaks up the compaction of the soil, allowing more air, nutrients, and water to reach the root system. Professionals recommend aeration in the fall, then applying grass seed and fall fertilizer immediately after to help fill in the lawn.

The other landscaping solution for aerating a lawn is known as aerovating. It involves using a machine with vibrating tines that enter the soil and vibrate fast enough to break up compaction. This alternative is most effective in dry weather. For moist soil, core aeration is more appropriate.

No matter which approach you use, aerating your soil will improve drainage and reduce water pooling. After watering your lawn, or if it becomes wet due to rainfall, it needs to dry out fast to avoid creating a conducive environment for the growth of organisms that can cause serious damage. Proper aeration will improve the overall health of your lawn and make it more resistant to diseases.

The Spruce recommends aerating your lawn every two to three years if you don’t have that many issues. You may need to aerate more frequently if you’re experiencing pervasive lawn issues like compaction or excessive thatch. You may only need a pitchfork and some elbow grease for simple jobs, but aeration equipment may be required for more challenging ones. It’s best to leave this landscaping job to a professional lawn care company as they’re familiar with all the job entails.

It’s a good idea to follow up lawn aeration with other care procedures like fertilizing or overseeding. Lawn care professionals can also help you with these tasks. If you’ve been considering lawn aeration, contact your local expert today.

2. Mowing

You should consider enlisting the help of reputable lawn mowing companies this summer. A mowing contractor will ensure your grass gets the best care so your property looks welcoming and well-kept. Other than cutting the grass, they’ll also help you with lawn maintenance tasks like pruning, weeding, and nurturing.

This means you don’t have to worry about anything: you’ll just relax and enjoy as the professional takes care of your mowing needs. You can kick back with a cold glass of lemonade as you watch the experts in their element. At the end of the day, you’ll have that glorious lush lawn back.

Another benefit of hiring a lawn mowing service is reducing your risk of injuries. Thousands of accidents involving landscaping work occur each year. Professionals know the best techniques to ensure safety and have access to all the equipment needed to perform different jobs safely.

Have you ever considered using grass clippings as natural mulch and fertilizer? Freshly cut grass usually has a high nitrogen and potassium content and decomposes fast. If your soil is clay-rich, sandy, or lacking in organic matter, grass clippings can help improve your soil’s composition. Besides helping you sustainably fertilize your lawn, a landscaping contractor can also provide soil analysis services.

If you think hiring a professional lawn care service is an unnecessary expense, consider the alternative. Your lawn needs weekly maintenance, which calls for a reliable mower, oil, gas, and regular maintenance of the machines. You’ll also need materials and equipment like a spreader, weed whacker, aerator, and leaf blower. When you hire a professional lawn mowing service, you’ll have access to everything you need without making any extra purchases.

When looking for a company to mow your lawn, some tips can help increase your chances of finding a reputable one. For instance, seeking recommendations from close friends and family is a great way of getting honest reviews. Before hiring anyone for the job, you should always verify credentials such as licenses and certificates.

3. Tree Care

Staying on top of the needs of the trees on your property is no easy feat. Trimming, pruning, or removing dead or unhealthy trees from your property involves several safety hazards you need to account for, especially if their old or large. You’ll enjoy several benefits when you partner with a landscaper company specializing in tree care for your landscaping company.

Your first priority should always be your safety and that of your family. Without professional training in tree care, performing landscaping tasks like cutting down trees or pruning and trimming big branches can go wrong in an instant. It’ll also be harder for you to spot potentially hazardous trees. By hiring professionals for your tree care needs, they’ll identify issues in their early stages before they fall on your property and cause more damage.

Only with years of experience can one develop the technique and competence necessary to execute proper tree care. It necessitates in-depth familiarity with many tree species, insects, and diseases. When pruning a tree and you don’t know precisely what you’re doing, you can cause far more damage. Every year, many well-intentioned individuals get carried away when trimming back branches and topping their trees, a recipe for a weakened structure and increased risk of diseases.

Professional, licensed arborists will also own various state-of-the-art tools with extremely particular functions. A typical homeowner wouldn’t see the benefit of purchasing a $200 increment borer after the job. By hiring local tree services with the knowledge and tools to get the job done, you can avoid doing the ‘how to’ research and get to save money on gear.

Putting safety and experience aside, partnering with a seasoned tree care company offers a quick and convenient way of addressing the maintenance needs of your trees. There are countless better ways to spend your precious weekend than taking care of trees. If you’re a busy working professional or always taking care of your kids, the best tree care specialists can work with minimum interference to your schedule, all while keeping you in the loop. Take your time to shop around so you can get different bids. Doing this will give you an idea of the standard industry rate.

You may be surprised to learn that hiring a contractor to care for your trees can reduce energy bills. Strategically positioned and trimmed trees can provide much-needed shade for your home. This’ll help keep it cool in the summer months, meaning you’ll use your air conditioner less and save yourself some money in the long run.

4. Hardscaping

Many homeowners loathe mowing their lawns. For some, it’s due to the fact it’s not the most enjoyable yard maintenance task, while others simply don’t have the time. If you can relate, you should consider introducing more hardscape elements to your landscape. Besides occasional sweeping to remove debris and leaves, it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a lawn: you won’t need to worry if your area gets a lot of snow, as hardscapes don’t need fertilizers or chemicals.

Hardscaping as an improvement project will improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and resale value. It may include a deck and a patio, making outdoor entertaining much more enjoyable. Choosing the type of hardscape components you want is the first step in receiving a quote from patio contractors. Doing this will help you find something that works for you while sticking to your budget.

Adding hardscaping elements is also a great way of introducing detail to your landscape. You can have a landscaping company create an appealing design. They’ll factor in your preferences, the unique conditions of your area, and the best material options. You can add decorative features like benches for additional seating.

You have several color options to choose from when it comes to patio building materials like wood, flagstone, and brick. You won’t need much maintenance to keep these in good shape. Granite or marble, which have a timeless natural look, can be used to make classic pavers. You can also stain your concrete sidewalks using non-toxic dyes to ensure they don’t become slippery.

Because weather conditions can get harsh instantly, you must ensure your hardscape is properly installed so it lasts for a long time. Hardscaped areas, such as stone surfaces, will keep the ground and soil intact in case of erosion. Some landscaping professionals also claim that having hardscape elements around your home can help keep water logging at bay. This also helps to minimize erosion.

If you have a lot of plants and trees outside your property, achieving a proper outside living space can be difficult. Even if they purify the air, deter insects, and increase your privacy to some level, they won’t allow you to have space for recreational activities around your house.

Combining hardscaping and landscaping elements will significantly improve your landscape’s aesthetics while giving you more living areas. If you’re one of the few lucky homeowners with a relatively big outdoor space, you can have professionals install a pizza oven or an outdoor grill. You could also opt for a fire pit, which will make for a great campfire with family or friends on those special occasions.

5. Garden Features

A landscaping company can help you select the best garden features for your home and execute the installation. There are several options for you to choose from. You can create a restful feel with water rills, which are shallow waterways that allow water to move from one place to another. Rills were prominent elements in Islamic gardens that ran down the main axis and frequently ended in ponds or fountains.

Rills will create a lovely symphony of sound and movement in your landscape, enhancing the quiet meditative ambiance of the space. They’re one of many sensory garden concepts that breathe life into outdoor spaces. This landscaping feature can be made from various materials and functions in courtyards and large gardens. You need to be strategic about where you install a rill to get the most out of it.

You can use garden pools to punctuate hard landscaping. Professionals can help you select the best position for your pool, particularly concerning the amount of sunlight it may receive, where leaves might fall straight into it, and the views to and across it. They’ll also help you find the best spot for it to deliver reflections of the sky or surrounding planting on its surface.

Investing in retaining walls is worth considering if your landscape features abrupt gradient changes. A well-designed and executed retaining wall will provide large masses of soil with structural support. It can also make for a great focal point for your backyard.

While having mounds and hills in your backyard can make for a great aesthetic, they can take up precious space and make landscaping difficult. You can expand the usable space for planting by constructing terraces using a series of retaining walls. Terracing also fortifies and beautifies your yard, and can make features like gardens and patios pop out more.

As a homeowner, it’s easy to make the mistake of believing that all people pay attention to about a home is what’s inside. In fact, the first impression people have of your home is the curb appeal, largely made up of your landscape. This read highlights some of the services a landscaping company can provide to help you achieve your landscape goals.

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