Every Beginner Should Know These Lawn Maintenance Tips

For lawn maintenance services, you will need to hire a professional. However, you can also do it yourself. There are several tips that you will need to put into consideration to make sure your lawn maintenance goes well.

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You will need to buy a spreader. Most beginners tend to go to local stores that charge more. However, a lot can go wrong. Scott’s spreaders tend to leave large fertilizer stripes. Unfortunately, the company refuses to fix this problem. Often, the problem comes from the fertilizer falling into the hollow parts of the wheels where they build up and leave large fertilizer trails behind. These hollow wheels are a lawn’s worst nightmare as you will be able to see long dark green stripes and burn marks all the way through your lawn wherever you went with your spreader.

In some instances, the fertilizer does not hold in the hopper and instead falls straight to the ground leading to stripping. Avoid Scott spreaders or any spreader that has hollow wheels. Buy a spreader with full plastic or rubber wheels. It may cost a bit more but you are going to buy one after the Scots models get you through hell. In the case you have a small yard you can get away with using a hand spreader instead of a push spreader where you will save some money.


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