How a Tree Removal Company Diagnoses a Sick Tree

A tree is a lovely part of your yard that can provide shade, oxygen, and curb appeal to your home and family. While trees can live a very long time, they also have afflictions and weaknesses just like everything else in the world. The expert in the embedded video discusses what signs to watch for in a tree to determine if it is unhealthy or dead.

A dead or dying tree can be a hazard to those around it. The tree has the potential to shed limbs that could damage the property or harm an individual nearby.

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Furthermore, if a tree removal company doesn’t act fast enough, the tree could be uprooted entirely and fall, putting your property and everyone nearby at a massive risk.

It’s important to know the warning signs of a sick tree so you can make the right decision. Be on the lookout for fallen limbs, a moldy trunk, decaying bark, or a significant lean in the tree. Each of these could signify damage or disease that is hurting the tree. Furthermore, if leaves are falling or changing to a brown color, notify a tree service immediately to take action.

A tree removal company is knowledgeable about how to safely cut down a tree, whether it’s healthy, diseased, or dead. Reach out to an expert for an inspection and advice on how to move forward.

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