Transform Your Landscape This April: Your Ultimate Spring Lawn Checklist

Spring is one of the best times for home upgrades. It is the calmest season in the U.S. and is considered the best because of its perfect temperature. Storms are also less likely to hit the country during these times, as they usually hit by the end of summer and the start of fall. With that being said, you can start planning to transform your lawn this April. But don’t start it without this spring lawn checklist.

The Essential Spring Lawn Checklist

Lawn upgrades can grant homeowners various benefits. First, they tend to have higher ROI because landscaping upgrades are cheaper than architectural upgrades. Second, they improve curb appeal. In simple terms, curb appeal is how attractive your home looks from the outside. Many experts believe that improving curb appeal is the best way to get a fast sale on the market. Lastly, lawn upgrades are simple to do, especially during spring! So here’s your spring lawn checklist you need when making landscaping upgrades.

Taking Care of Your Trees

Your trees are one of the first things people will see when looking into your home. They are even sometimes used as landmarks when identifying a home in the neighborhood. Suffice it to say your trees can make your home stand out and look unique among a sea of mediocre homes. That’s why taking care of your trees should be on your checklist.

You need to look for a few things when taking care of your trees. The most important among all of these is the health of your trees. Trees are living beings; they might not have organs like humans, but they breathe, reproduce, and survive in various ways. If you’re not a tree expert and don’t have plans to be one in the future, then it’s better to hire a local tree service to check on your trees. They can check the health of your trees and even perform surgery on them if needed. The service can also give them a proper trim if they need it.

If you have a tree that’s beyond saving, it might be better to get it removed. A rotten tree will not only affect the overall price of your home but can also be a hazard to your family. A local tree removal service can certainly deal with any dead trees in your lawn and get rid of them in no time. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to do it safely, so make sure to give them a call when you can.

Taking care of your trees is one of the essential steps you should take for a better lawn. Keeping your trees healthy and removing dead trees can certainly improve your lawn’s landscaping without spending too much money. If you have the necessary expertise for this, go ahead and do it yourself; if not, hire an expert to do it for you.

Gutter Repairs

One of the most overlooked parts of a home is the gutter. Many homes go through its lifecycle without ever repairing or replacing their gutters. But did you know your gutters play a fundamental role in the health of your lawn and its overall landscape? Rain gutters can help redirect water and reduce flooding. It can also ensure that your landscape doesn’t gather mud over spring. Holes and rust on your gutter can ensure you’ll have a muddy lawn by the end of the season. That’s why you should never skimp on repairing or replacing your gutter.

As a rule of thumb, you should replace your gutters at least every five years and get them repaired or checked annually. If you don’t have the budget for it, get it checked every two years and replace it every ten years. But you should never forget about it. Your gutter is an essential part of your home and is responsible for contributing to its overall health, so make sure that it’s part of your spring lawn checklist today.

Outdoor Extensions

If you want to add huge value to your home through your lawn, outdoor extensions are the best wayway to go. These extensions are inexpensive options if you want to increase your home’s value exponentially. Additionally, if you have DIY experience, you can do these extensions yourself.


You can never go wrong with a pergola if you have a body of water near your home, like a river or lake. A pergola is an outdoor extension that your neighbors will be jealous of. Pergolas are a great option if you want a fancy extension in your household. The best part is that you can do many things in this extension. It can be a great place for photoshoots, events, and more. It’s a significant investment you should consider in your spring upgrade.

When building a pergola, you can certainly try it yourself, especially if you have DIY experience. There are pergola kits you can purchase that have pretty simple instructions. However, if you don’t want to spend too much time doing this tedious task, you can hire a local pergola builder to do it for you. They can definitely reduce the amount of time you spend building your pergola while sitting by and watching the sunset. You can also avoid the dangers of building such a structure.


You can never go wrong with a deck if you want a more affordable option. It can be pretty much built anywhere on your lawn and complement any additions you might have. However, unlike a pergola, a deck can’t stand out. It can only be a good extension if you build it alongside other extensions. A deck can be pretty easy to build yourself, and if you’re creative enough, you can certainly build one from sustainable materials. But once again, if you don’t want to spend too much time working on this project or simply don’t have the time for it, an expert deck builder can build it for you in no time.

Outdoor extensions might not be on top of your spring lawn checklist, but they should definitely be there, especially if you have the budget for them. A pergola or a deck are both great options because they are affordable and have decent ROI. But don’t limit yourself to these options. Consider doing your research and choosing the right extension that fits your budget and your home.

Garden Essentials

Building a garden should be on the top of your spring lawn checklist. A bountiful garden can increase the overall price of your home while also ensuring that it looks attractive among homebuyers. But building a garden isn’t as simple as planting your favorite plants. It requires knowing some of the essentials.

The soil you use can greatly affect how your plants will grow. It’s important that your top soil has the right organic matter mixed in. It should have a mix of compost and bark shredding to ensure that your plants will get the necessary nutrients to grow. You should also consider using eco-friendly fertilizer, as they are a far safer option than mass-produced fertilizers. They don’t have ingredients that may be toxic to sensitive plants.

The next thing you should consider is irrigation. Irrigation is pretty much the circulatory system of your garden. It provides water to every plant to survive whatever nature throws at them. But your irrigation system must be managed properly. Overwatering can cause more problems in the long run, and a mismanaged irrigation system can do that. Ensure that you have a monitoring system that can check your irrigation system for leaks so that you can schedule the right time for your system to water the plants.

A well-maintained and managed garden can bring many benefits to your home. It’s one of the most necessary spring upgrades you can make, and it’s also one of the best upgrades you can make during the season. The best plants grow during spring and can survive all the way through winter, so make sure you include this in your spring lawn checklist this coming April.

Drainage and Waste Management

Waste management is fundamental to every household and every well-maintained lawn. Waste can affect your lawn health if it isn’t managed properly, as some waste, such as drainage, can be toxic to grass and all kinds of things living on your lawn.

If you want your lawn health to improve, you must first check in with your local septic tank service. Your septic thinking can be one of the primary reasons your plants might be dying or grass can’t grow in your lawn. Professional septic services can check if you have septic problems and deal with them. They can also clean your septic tank if it ever needs cleaning.

You should also consider hiring a local plumber to check your drainage. A faulty pipe that runs underneath your lawn can be problematic, as a leak can lead to mud, which can lead to pests and other kinds of lawn problems. A plumber can ensure that any leaks are properly dealt with and that your lawn is safe from any harm regarding drainage.

Drainage and waste management are often overlooked when it comes to lawn health. But by hiring the right experts, you can ensure that you have these things covered in your spring lawn checklist. These experts can ensure that your lawn is healthy without you needing to do all the manual labor.

Security Options

Most homeowners tend to forget security when it comes to improving their lawn. It’s important that you have improved security measures today, as crime rates are increasing more than ever. Here are a few things you should consider when it comes to improving the security of your lawn.


One of the simplest ways to improve the security of your lawn is to install fences. Fences can be a great deterrent against crime and keep pets and children inside your property as well. When choosing the right fencing material, it’s important to choose something sturdy but affordable. You can always ask your local fence company for suggestions.

Smart Devices

If you want to elevate your security, you can never go wrong with installing smart devices on your property. Smart devices are great because they often don’t need micromanaging. They function independently and can deter any would-be criminal from entering your home. Some of the best smart devices you should consider are smart cameras and smart locks. When used together, they become formidable forms of lawn security.

Natural Options

Lastly, you can always consider utilizing natural options to improve the security of your lawn. Natural options such as shrubs, hedgerows, or even bushes can go a long way in preventing criminals from targeting your home. Shrubs and bushes can act like walls, making it harder for anyone to trespass into your property. But they do require a lot more maintenance than fences do, so make sure that you weigh your options.

Finishing Touches

Adding the finishing touches to your lawn upgrade should be part of your ultimate spring lawn checklist. There are many options when it comes to finishing touches, but there will always be one that’s often taken for granted: lighting. Many homeowners forget landscape lighting for lawn upgrades, but it’s essential to every beautiful landscape. Plus, it’s not just beauty it adds to your lawn, but also security. Proper lighting can ensure you can see anyone trying to enter your property. Studies have also found that well-lit areas tend to prevent criminal activities.

Lastly, proper landscape lighting can add significantly to your home value. It has a decent ROI because lighting is an affordable upgrade that any homeowner can make anytime. It can also make your home look pretty but without being overbearing for some folks.

This spring lawn checklist is the only thing you need when making your lawn upgrades this April. This article covers the essential upgrades that can improve your lawn’s overall value without breaking the bank, from your trees to proper lighting. So make sure to make these upgrades today to make your neighbors jealous of the beauty of your lawn this spring.

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