15 Tips to Create a Timeless House Exterior

Creating a timeless house exterior takes a few tweaks here and there, like fresh paint, a power wash, trimming the garden, and so on. The home’s exterior is always something people see first, and it can set the tone for curb appeal. In today’s post, we’re covering what you can do to accentuate the curb appeal and exterior of your home.

1. Advantages of Sprucing up the Exteriors of Your Home

It helps increase the value of your home– a better-looking exterior is guaranteed to increase the value of your home. It looks more attractive and attracts more potential buyers as they get to see how beautiful a home they could potentially have when and if they buy your property. Having a clean home exterior also gives people an idea to visualize how it could look after adding a few signature finishes.

You’ll enjoy your home more – renovations on the inside or out can make a home more enjoyable. A timeless house exterior can be wonderful and pleasant, especially spending time there when you take a break from the indoors. If everything looks neat and beautiful outside, it surely is an inviting place to be. You may also spend more time with guests outside because you’ve created a fabulous outdoor entertainment area.

Lowers maintenance – when renovating and improving the exteriors, you may see less need for maintenance. For instance, sealing the driveway paving will help keep it looking good through all-weather types and only leave you with a few minor maintenance things to do every few weeks.

A timeless house exterior may focus on the things outside your home, like the windows, gutters, garden, and so forth. On the inside, you may have included interior additions like window treatment and flooring, but after renovating your interiors, we’re certain you’ll want to match the outside. Thus, you can enjoy a beautiful home from the outside and vice versa.

2. Give the Exterior a Lift with Pressure Cleaning

A pressure wash will do much with fewer time restraints. It is also helpful if you’re on a lower budget. Pressure washes can remove the dirt, grime, and buildup of moss, moisture marks, and yucky aspects, making your property stand out for all the wrong reasons. You are welcome to do it yourself, or you can ask a specialized company to help you with the pressure washing of your commercial or residential property.

Pressure washing can increase the lifespan of your siding while also reducing the number of times you must paint it to make it look better. Washing the exterior can also reduce the harmful effects of mildew and particles inhaled as it eliminates growth buildup, hence reducing the mold reaction. If you don’t own a pressure washer, simply hire one.

3. Cleaning the Walls and Ground Outside With Power Wash

Pressure washing and power washing are very similar. However, with the pressure variation, the water is heated during the process, and power uses cold water at strong forces. While pressure washers are often less expensive, both techniques work very well. The benefits of power washes include removing cobwebs in hard-to-reach places. It keeps surfaces clean and tidy, and it also acts as a good primer before painting a surface (once the water has dried). Power washes are excellent for cleaning without much effort because they tackle the process in less time.

Cleaning with power washing can instantly transform a property to go from moldy to clear and grime infested to clean. It just adds the touch needed to improve the look of the building, whether you’re about to sell your property or simply want to clean up a bit and give it a refreshing look. If you don’t have one, again, you can rent one. Power washers work wonders on residential siding too.

4. Fixing a Damaged and Unappealing Roof

Your local roofer can help you sort out any issues you could have with your roof. Sometimes tiles and roof shingles need replacing, and in some cases, an entire roof needs replacement. Sometimes, the roof is fine and just in desperate need of a good cleaning using one of the power or pressure washing techniques we mentioned earlier. You can also get quotations from a roofing company to help give you a better idea of what you could pay depending on what needs to be done. A new or clean roof can be grounds for a stunning curb appeal aspect to your home; people will remember your property if they’re looking to purchase. It’s often small aspects of a property that can excite people to buy or put them off completely.

5. Woodwork Changes for Improvement

If you have wooden elements in your home that may have taken a beating over the years, then you know this not only creates a problem where structural instability is an issue but also rot can get worse. Fix any rotting woodwork around the home. You might have the wood on the porch and perhaps steps or window frames. You may do DIY repair or get professionals in to help.

6. Opt for an Appealing Brick Driveway or Façade Wall

Brick driveways are great and low maintenance. Installing them may require some concrete brick stamp patterns to achieve uniformity throughout. Bricks can be colored to enhance aesthetics, and some people use two-tone colors through the pattern layout. With the house façade, you can also upgrade from an outdated brick pattern to a more contemporary modern design. Sometimes a color block look and design are perfect for creating that appealing modern style. In other words, you can change the exterior by mixing up the brick layout from the current one to add additional color bricks, giving a two-tone appeal.

7. Get the Windows Replaced

Broken window repair is a handy service if you’re dealing with a shattered window or more. Sometimes accidents happen, and they can cause damage. Replacing your window with larger open frames is a wonderful way to get more natural light in. It might require the company to redo window frames and cut additional larger window glass. Have you seen this transformation yet? It isn’t one to be missed as it makes a world of difference to the home exterior as well as on the inside.

Another important thing to consider while dealing with the windows is the interior window treatment options. Just as your windows can look grand from the outside, whatever you have on the inside might be a reflection. For example, adding smart blinds to your windows or UV tint for privacy from neighbors plus cooler interiors. Impact windows are also an ideal choice as this helps increase the safety of impact should any occur. It is ideal for preventing damage from flying debris and reduces noise, which is better for insulation.

8. Go for a New Shade of Paint

p>If you don’t have a massive budget for creating a timeless house exterior, don’t worry. Paint will cost less than opting for cladding or rendering. You may live in a housing complex that only allows for certain colors to be added to homes. If this is the case, check with your local HOA which color options are available and go from there. If you don’t need to refer to the HOA, then perhaps you can go from one color to a whole different color. The color change alone will improve the look of the exterior of your home. Residential exterior painting companies can do it all, and they have the tools and skillset to accomplish this painting in no time.

9. Add Protective Window Shutters

Earlier in this article, we touched on the element of window treatment, but that applies to the window interiors. You can create a timeless house exterior by adding exterior window shutters. There is a whole list of benefits when installing these gems because they will keep your windows safe should the wind and weather pick up. They can shield the windows from damage, and they provide privacy while also allowing ventilation.

10. A Porch That Welcomes

You can create a welcoming porch that says, “welcome to our humble abode”. Some people define a specially paved walkway with their porch that allows for an almost “red carpet” approach to the home from the outside. It allows you to create a timeless house exterior to have more than an elaborate walkway as you approach the front doorstep. You can get a paving company to help create a beautiful design that is both eye-catching and simply stands out above the rest.

11. Create the Ideal Patio for Entertainment

You can better the look of your property’s exterior by adding some beautiful patio furniture. Furniture on the patio looks great for relaxing and just taking in the outdoors. You can imagine having coffee on the deck or reading a book on a sunny day. Some people add a hammock or a swing chair. You can also do fairy lights for additional charm and curb appeal, even at night time.

12. Change the Exterior Walls

Sometimes just changing the wall exterior is all you need for an impactful look that will turn heads. There are many options besides painting the walls to a fresh coat or new color. You can also go for wall cladding or do something like wall rendering to smooth the surfaces. If it didn’t previously have shiplap, you may want to add this for siding. Let’s say your home has exposed brick exterior walls, and you’ve seen this look for a very long time. Even if it hasn’t been a long time, if you simply bought a house and looking to get a timeless house exterior effect, you may opt for rendering the walls. This process creates a smooth surface so that the exposed bricks are no longer exposed, and you can paint or add another texture if you want.

13. Replace the Exterior Lighting

You can do quite a lot with lighting, and if you’ve observed other home improvement situations, lighting is very influential. When it comes to creating a timeless house exterior, you can swap old lighting fixtures for updated modern ones. You can also add accent lighting and footpath lighting. Lights can create a beautiful mood and atmosphere, so use them to your advantage. If you are happy with the fixtures you have in place, you can give them a good clean with a power washer, and voila, as good as new.

14. Tweak the Landscaping

Landscaping plays a pivotal role in how your home is perceived. For instance, a neat garden can look great and make a better impression than an overgrown hot mess. You can hire a landscaping company to assist you with some fresh ideas that could enhance what you already have in place and improve the look. You can also create a landscape and choose a theme if that helps. Some people add pebbles, stone walk pathways, fixtures, and water features to help increase the attraction. If your yard is more extensive in the front than at the back, you can take the liberty to make it something beautiful.

15. Replace Fixtures

You may have many fixtures on the exterior of your home, and you can replace them to give the house a revitalized and upgraded look. Fixtures might include metal railings, exterior shutters, door knobs, and any other rusty units that could take away you’re your ability to create a timeless house exterior.


Sometimes, small changes can create a big and lasting impression of your home. When you want to create a timeless house exterior, designs don’t have to be expensive; as we’ve mentioned, simply power washing the driveway is already much better than leaving it as is. Now that you’ve reviewed these cool ideas to create a timeless house exterior, you can incorporate some of it into your home external project makeover and thank us later.

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