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What to Do to Have a Rich Backyard Experience

There’s nothing like sitting out in your backyard and enjoying nature from the comfort of your patio. There are many ways to have a rich backyard experience that you want to enjoy dearly. From the right decorations to the elimination of pests to avoid constantly fighting off mosquitoes, here are some ways you can ensure a rich backyard experience this summer and beyond.

Fix the Fence

Do you already have a fence built? If so, it may need repair if you notice it’s falling or showing signs of termite damage. Remember that both your front and back fences are part of the curb appeal. Since a fence acts as the first point of entry onto your property, it’s the first thing people see. If you’ve taken the time to maintain the rest of your space, an unsightly fence can take away from that appeal. Maybe you’ve had fencing in the same material for several decades. If so, it may be time to update your fencing style based on your needs or home aesthetic. Maybe a chain-link fence was fine before, but you may have upgraded your home. Therefore, you may be ready for a wrought iron fence that can last as long as a century, according to Butler Contracting.

Start calling your local fence companies to see what materials they work with. The right fence can provide a rich backyard experience this summer if you get started now. You can have an old wooden fence upgraded by staining and other finishing techniques. In other words, wood is customizable, so even when damaged, you can refinish it by sanding down the damaged surface, adding a stain or full paint color, and it may look new again. If the chain-link fence is sagging, a professional fencer can get it stabilized to provide security and keep animals and children within the boundary.

Decorate the Outside of Your Home

Imagine the rich backyard experience you can have if you handle exterior updates beyond your fencing. Start contacting home remodeling companies to see what upgrades are available. Some home remodeling companies may suggest exterior upgrades, such as a patio screen or outdoor kitchen. It may be time to plant more flowerbeds, which add more beauty, color, and sweet smells to your exterior space. After all, who could look at stunning red roses and enjoy the smell of jasmine or lavender without feeling better.

Don’t underestimate the value of a new exterior paint job. Sitting outside and being able to look around your home painted in your favorite color or the same color redone, a fresh coat of paint can make you feel good about a job well done. You’re more likely to want to sit outside a well-maintained back wall, as opposed to one with peeling paint that’s covered in mold. According to Bob Vila, exterior paintwork can have an ROI of around 57% or more. If you’ve been meaning to refresh your exterior paint because you want to change the color or style, now is the time to do so and add to your rich backyard experience. House paining companies can add bold colors, or you may want something more calming like purple or baby blue. Either way, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the colors you choose.

Pour New Concrete

Having repaved driveways and walking paths can add to your rich backyard experience as you can reduce your likelihood of an accident. Now is the time to hire concrete driveway contractors who can ensure the path from the tip of your driveway to the back is smooth and beautiful and lives up to your property’s curb appeal standards. They can also pour concrete to create walking paths in the backyard. You may have more than one structure on your property and concrete contractors can create new designer paths to direct you from one area to another. You may need them to pour concrete to build or repair a patio. Concrete may also be used for a retaining wall which can help prevent erosion. Pouring concrete is essential for building a foundation for a pool. After all, what better way to add to your backyard than having water features where you can swim anytime you want?

Take Care of Pests

It’s hard to have a rich backyard experience when fighting off a pest infestation. As summer approaches, you can expect to see more flying insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, and bees. At least bees are helpful to the ecological system, and they usually won’t bother you if you don’t disturb them. However, flies and mosquitoes are more of a nuisance as these are insects always looking to lay several eggs, draw blood from you, and make your pool or patio setting activities less enjoyable. Thanks to black fly control services, you can prevent your food from being infested with maggots. After all, you may want to barbecue in your backyard this summer and the last thing you want is flies buzzing around your meat.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance that can lay as many as 100 eggs at one time in a sitting pool of water. So ensure you have handled any drainage issues that can create pooling anywhere on your property. Keeping your pool clean can also ensure the water doesn’t get dirty and stops flowing long enough to attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are also known for spreading disease, as they’ve been responsible for malaria, the Zika virus, and the West Nile virus. Even if a mosquito isn’t carrying those diseases in your area, the bugs are still quite a nuisance as they constantly bite people to draw blood. A mosquito bite leaves an obvious impact with bumps that can itch and make you uncomfortable.

If you have pets, they’re likely to be harassed by any ticks and fleas in the area. Let pest control treat your backyard grass from these annoying blood-sucking insects that can cause your poor pet to scratch nonstop. You should also be aware that ticks can also be harmful to humans. Ticks can spread Lyme disease, which, if it goes untreated, can have major health implications. The first signs of Lyme disease may start with a rash and a headache. However, if it gets to the later stages, it can cause heart problems. Therefore, having a pest control service treat your property this summer is a major step in creating a rich backyard experience for you and your pets. Then your furry friends can play freely and get exercise beyond when you take them on a walk.

Care for the Yard

A rich backyard experience means treating your lawn with the care it deserves. While pest control services can keep bugs away, you still need to ensure your grass, plants, and garden have proper hydration and feed. The first step in caring for your yard is keeping the grass cut at an even level. Your local landscapers can do your biweekly mowing to keep your grass at the right level. In addition, keeping the grass cut well enough doesn’t provide access for certain vermin like snakes and other insects to hide in. Therefore, cutting grass isn’t just for aesthetics, but can also protect your property.

Some homeowners make the mistake of over-watering their lawns. You can remove this hassle by installing a lawn sprinkler system. When landscapers install professional irrigation, you’ll have timely water come out in the amount needed. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll conserve water, as too much of it is wasted annually. According to the EPA, Americans waste billions of gallons of this natural resource. Luckily, an automatic irrigation system can ensure your plants get an adequate amount of water, as too much will create higher water bills and ecological waste.

Go For Non-invasive Fixes

It may be time to handle certain non-invasive fixtures in your home. One of the best things you can do is trenchless repair on your sewer. This technique can replace or fix your underground sewer pipes without digging trenches. This type of repair is handled by one of two methods. Some professionals may use pipe bursting in which the old sewer line is burst and expanded from the inside. As a result, there’s no need to do extensive digging, which could take away from the use and aesthetic of your backyard. Another option involves inserting a sleeve into an old sewer line that will feed epoxy coating into it. After the liner becomes inflated, the epoxy will cure on its own by UV lighting or steaming. As a result, there will be a new seal within the walls of the old pipes. The old liner will be removed, and the epoxy layer will be the new liner in the existing pipe.

Keep the Trees Trimmed

Having many beautiful trees can always add to a rich backyard experience, especially during the warm months when the leaves will be in full bloom. Contact your local tree service to ensure your trees remain trimmed. Regular trimming is essential to keeping your trees healthy and free from illness. After all, the trees can get sick. When they get ill, they can easily spread illness to other trees. If tree illness lingers, they can eventually die. The last thing you want in your backyard is a landscape full of dead trees and spruces. As a tree is sick or dying, it can attract insects. The last thing you want in your backyard is fighting off all the bugs buzzing around because of the decaying matter from a tree that needs removal. It may be hard to decide to remove a tree, and it’s not a cheap one to do either. It’ll be way more cost-effective and better for the aesthetics and comfort of your backyard to have your trees proactively trimmed and pruned to avoid premature death.

Custom landscape designers can plant trees in strategic areas. Imagine walking from your front to your back door along a tree-lined path. They may also plant trees that bear fruit and nuts, so you can have more nutritious food on your property without going food shopping. Overgrown tree branches may become a safety issue that can fall, especially when near a structure. With a professional tree trimming professional on hand, you can avoid litigation or harm from a large branch falling on your car or someone visiting your home.

With regular trimming, you can add to a rich backyard experience as your trees will produce better leaves and fruit each year. That’s right, proper trimming is like trimming your hair. If you trim it appropriately, it’ll grow back stronger. As mentioned, the professionals know where to trim the branches without harming them. So you’ll have more leaves, flowers, and bountiful fruit yield annually that make your trees look better and be more useful over time.

Protect From Erosion

You may avoid erosion on your property with adequate services. A gutter installer can make sure water ushers away from your property. Otherwise, when water is allowed to sit, it can create drainage issues or cause the soil to erode. You can’t have a rich backyard experience if your once lush landscape becomes desolate and not suitable for planting a garden. Another feature to add is a retaining wall. A retaining wall maintains soil in a particular area, so wind and water can’t wash it away.

As you can see, you have many ways of creating a rich backyard experience on your property. After all, having a beautiful, comfortable outdoor space can add to your quality of life. You can enjoy your patio in comfort and get plenty of vitamin D from the sun. Watch friendly wildlife like squirrels, frogs, grasshoppers, and butterflies. You can enjoy growing your own produce in your gardens or on healthy trees. When you have a rich backyard experience, you create an environment that’s hard to leave and makes you eager to have friends and family enjoy it as well. Use this article as a guide for creating a backyard oasis that adds value, beauty, and comfort to your home.

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